Friday, April 26, 2013


Todays overheards were snatched out of the air and furiously scribbled onto a borrowed pad of yellow paper during a dinner date at Cafe Aroma with my lovely wife, Sarah. Shortly after we had been shown to our table a party of three was seated in somewhat close proximity to us- An older gentleman, possibly in his mid to late sixties, and wearing a gray patagonia fleece was sitting across the table from a couple of similar age, she in a pink patagonia fleece and he, likewise, sporting a gray patagonia fleece. The first gentleman was a loud talker- an absolute OVERHEARD MACHINE. It was difficult to ascertain exactly what their relationship was to one another, but I believe that the couple was hiking the Pacific Crest Trail and the loud talking gentleman was either a Trail Angel (Locals who help PCT hikers with rides, food, hospitality and such) or a fellow hiker. Anyway, over the course of our dinner he offered up some grade-A overheards.

"There was something childishly playful about them. Wouldn't you agree? I found it delightful, but I don't think they were thinking of romance."

"You're a delightful couple and I'm glad you showed up in my life."

"Now that I hear Warren Buffet owns See's Candies I will have to eat some more. I like Warren Buffett. I want to help him any way I can."

"Frodo made a promise to scout that he would have a milkshake at every stop because he was losing so much weight." (PCT Hikers abandon their given names and adopt a trail name such as "Frodo" or "Scout" for the duration of their hike." I have always thought I would choose "Feet" as mine if I ever endeavored to walk from Mexico to Canada as an homage to Romans 10:15).)

"I don't think there's anyone here who would stand for that. I think that's typical of mountain communities."

"I would walk to Peet's Coffee with an orange in my pocket on a Saturday morning, get a coffee and a pastry then walk across the Golden Gate Bridge  and watch the sun come up."

"He got shot, and I didn't know that until 10 or 15 years later. He never talked about it. A lot of old vets are like that."

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