Monday, April 15, 2013


A collection of seeds and grasses in a dark recess within a stone wall mark the center of a chipmunk's existence. Like Rahab's apartment the chipmunk made it's home in the walls. The wall itself demarks and defends a field from the woods beyond. Perhaps the wall does not separate the two as I had first supposed. From the air one can almost imagine that the patches of woods and fields form a sort of crazy quilt in earth tones and the walls and fences are a very fine stitching holding the whole thing together. The crazy quilt stretches for miles and miles until it comes to a vast sheet of ocean blue. Here the stitching is a thin sandy strand. And as we step back to admire the play of texture and color so cleverly stitched together the whole becomes a shiny orb of a gem on a field of black jeweler's velvet.

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