Friday, April 12, 2013


Why are thank you cards so girly? Apparently the Thank You Card industry does not view men as their target market, and, men, that is a shame. I rebuke you...all of you...yes, the entire gender...for not writing enough thank you cards. Of course, this could be a chicken and the egg sort of conundrum. It's possible that well-intentioned men have excitedly gone thank you card shopping so as to thank their friends for the loan of a chainsaw or other such manly favors only to find all of their options littered with butterflies and flowers. Picture the above card for example. That'll never do! The flowing script with which they almost always write "Thank You" is also a problem. It's just too sassy!

I am a writer of thank you cards. There is rarely a week that goes by that I don't shoot off a quick "thank you" to somebody, but the difficulty of finding a thank you card that matches who I am has proven challenging. I've decided to create my own line of thank you cards. My goal is to generate a minimum of 10 card designs by the end of the year. Stay tuned...


john tate said...

I'd like to place the first order - put me down for three or four dozen. This is a big problem!

al'xae said...

I want a thank you card with dinosaurs, can you make one of those?!

Joshua Tate said...

Dinosaurs? Hmmm...seems like that might move from kinda feminine to kinda juvenile.

Silly Alexae, Dinosaurs are for kids!

Anonymous said... begs to differ!