Monday, February 8, 2010


This is Rey Reyes, my accountability partner. Usually we meet over breakfast at a restaurant, but on his suggestion we met this morning at the end of a dirt track on government land (bureau of land management) way out in Garner Valley to shoot off a few rounds. Rey has recently started channeling his inner redneck and has bought a small of arsenal of firearms. I haven't really fired a gun since my police days, but I have to say it came back to me pretty quickly, and I really enjoyed it. Ridiculously fun!

My first question- "Rey, did you bring me out here to kill me?"
Rey let me blow up a water jug with a hollow point round. He tried to capture the explosion in the photo below but was only able to get it as it fell to the ground.
We also shot at some paper targets and shot clay pigeons out of the air with his shotgun. I think I could spend all day shooting clay pigeons. It's so much fun! I've got to try and talk Sarah into getting a shotgun.


Anonymous said...

fun time! feel the power at your disposal!

Tate Family said...

How's that coming with the shotgun. I'm sure Sarah's warming up to the idea. And maybe, while you're at it, you can try talking her into keeping filling soda bottles with antifreeze and storing them under the sink.

I went shooting with one of the guys in the church a couple of years ago and found it very, very fun. But I haven't really considered getting a gun yet. But maybe the day is coming.