Sunday, February 21, 2010


The air filters under the house have to be swapped out every thirty days here at the Tate ranch. It isn't anything I have to mark on the calendar though. As the thirty day mark starts to approach we know it is time because the whole house shakes and convulses as air slams against the clogged filters.

Some actual quotes from our guests in response to the heater kicking on have been:

"Is that an earthquake?"

"Is there a helicopter out there?"


"What is that?!?!"

If I let it go too long it can really be surprisingly violent, and the only reason I let it go longer than I should sometimes is because the job involves an army crawl through dust the consistency of baby powder in a close, dark, cobwebby space.

Today was a joyous day, however, as I trained Master Bowden to replace me.

Bowden has long been intrigued by the mysterious portal beneath the porch, which leads to untold adventures under the house.

"Alright Bowden, let me show you how we do it."

We did my side (the easy side) first and I showed Bowden how to open the door and how to orient the filter inside the heater.

Then Bowden wiggled under the heater like a dachsund into a rat hole with his flashlight gripped between his teeth. He's a gamer.
The door at the end of the army crawl is on the other side of the heater in a rather inaccessible spot.

Here I was very tempted to yell, "Bowden watch out for that rat!" But I didn't because he is deathly afraid of rats thanks to the animated classic, Lady and the Tramp, and because I was really very grateful for his help, and did not want to do anything to discourage his future cooperation.

Bowden is a good little man.


Anonymous said...

way to go bowdeen!

MomZup said...

Someone from DCF (Vermont's Department of Children and Families) will be showing up as soon as they can get funding for a trip to Southern California! Strong work, Bowden. The rat fear might be somewhat hereditary. . .seems his dad dislikes rodents as well. You did well to restrain yourself, Josh. Your Grandpa McCuen would not have been able to and would be laughing still!

Annie said...

Go, Bowden!!!!!

Tate Family said...

Bowden has a very admiring uncle in Vermont. But I'm afraid he's confounding all of my prejudices regarding Californians and work ethic.


Joel!!! Kick a bull in the nads and you get the horns. I'm not a native Californian, but I got here as soon as I could. You need to apologize to the Golden State and her productive and industrious populace, stat!

MomZup said...