Friday, February 12, 2010


Wednesday night found Bowden and Lucy at the Target in Palm Desert excitedly picking out boxes of valentines to give away to their classmates. I fondly remember doing the same when I was a wee lad myself- tape a brown paper sack with your name on it to the front of your desk and exchange cards with cartoons saying things to girls you would never dare say yourself. It was flirty, but not dangerous. I actually really enjoyed it, and like so many things, I am now able to enjoy it once more through my kids.

But this morning, before school, as Bowden was signing his cards I glanced at this card and immediately noticed that something wasn't right. I have watched enough nature programming since becoming a Dad that I think I'm probably the equivalent of a zoologist or at least a herpetologist (my kids love them some snakes) . In fact, I think most American parents with a television could testify in court, if need be, as an expert on most any type of fauna (especially dinosaurs).

Anyway, back to the valentine, with regards to the animal featured on the valentine above- that is not a chimpanzee. That is an orangutan. How do I know? 'Cause I have a six year old! Get your house in order Animal Planet.

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alexae said...

Good catch. Also, I believe humans are classified as part of the hominoidea (ape) family... Chimpanzees are smarter? humph!