Wednesday, February 10, 2010


These postcards, spanning nearly one year between March of 1918 and February of 1919, were sent by my Great Grandfather, Brooks McCuen, to my Granfather, John McCuen, while stationed in France as a surgeon with the army during World War I. They were given to me by my Mom several years ago and summarily filed away and forgotten about, but this week as Sarah was searching for some missing papers she stumbled upon them, and it was interesting to take them out and look at them again.
This postcard was apparently sent from Washington D.C. prior to being deployed. At the time my Grandfather would have been either two or three. Judging by the address and the "c/o Rev. Wiseman" my Grandpa and his Mom probably went to live with her family while my Great Grandfather was away in France.

"Your Daddy is here in Washington but he is thinking of you and wondering how you are and if you are a good boy."

Happy New Year from France! Heureuse Annee! Judging by the postcards that follow he was likely stationed at a field hospital near the Marne River in Northeastern France not far from the border with Germany.

"Daddy thinks of his little boy real often. Be good."
I think the "PASSED AS CENSORED," stamped in red letters is kind of interesting. So is the "officer's mail" scrawled carelessly across the top of each card.

Chaumont is a city on the Marne River in France.

" Daddy was up here and saw a little boy who looked something like you- be good. Daddy"
Philippe LeBon- inventor credited with the creation of several early steam engines.

" Daddy is thinking of little John."

Andelot was a small village on the Rugnon river which is a tributary of the Marne.

"Be a good boy."

American troops marching through Paris on Bastille Day.

" Regards and love to all."
This card wasn't censored! What a breach!

"Be a good boy. Daddy hopes to see you soon."
This must have been an exciting postcard for my Great Grandmother to read to her little boy. Daddy's coming home soon!


MomZup said...

Loved this post, Josh! Thank you so much. On the first card which looked like it was sent in March of 1918 my dad would not have been two until June 30th of that year so he was really young. Grandpa must have had a premonition, though, with all his admonitions for my dad to be a good boy. . .for all the good they did!

The Brunetts said...

These are AMAZING! What an awesome thing to get to keep in your family.

Thanks for sharing!

The Fredricksons: Brian, Britney, Salty, and Jerry said...

This is so sweet! What a wonderful daddy to send his young son love notes!