Thursday, February 25, 2010


Today I stepped out into one of those mornings that just makes your heart swell. It aroused in me a desire to describe it, to nail it down with words, but my poet's heart met the inflexible limits of my abilities, and I failed. All of my efforts seemed to me to be inadequate or trite. The song birds say it best.

* The air was cool, but the breezes were warm.
* It had drizzled overnight leaving everything damp and fresh.
* The smells of wet earth and wood smoke mingled under the pines.
* The sun somehow made everything soft around the edges.

It was glorious!

Ironically, my inability to fully describe what it was that made my heart swell threatened to lessen my enjoyment of the moment itself.

As I abandoned the effort, my heart gradually turned and focused on the author of this day. Instead of continuing in my frustrated efforts to bottle the moment by reducing it to words, I felt God liberating me in my heart to simply enjoy it. To enjoy it with Him. Things I could never accurately express to you, I was able to convey to my God through the unmuddied clarity of a grunt. I breathed in. I breathed out. He knows my thoughts from afar. It was a beautiful morning.

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MomZup said...

And that was a beautiful post. Love you so much. My "word" for this post is trout. . .somehow fitting.