Monday, November 14, 2011


After posting my BFZ product censure this morning I copied and pasted my remarks into the comments section of the Redskins Offical Blog under a post entitled Fourth Quarter Quandary. This was their response.

@Josh Tate–
That was an impressive bit of literature, my friend. I don’t, however, suspect that you are the problem. Nay, you, and those like you, are the life blood that courses through Redskins Park. It’s a tough year. It’s been a series of tough years, but nothing great was ever built overnight, and this franchise has committed to rebuilding from the floor up. I know you want today–I want today. But if I can have tomorrow and the day after, I’d take that over today. And don’t cheer for the Cowboys–that’s just morally reprehensible. HTTR

This is the full transcript of what I had written to the Redskins:

Why do the Redskins insist on breaking my heart every year? The Redskins have lost five games in a row squandering a 3-1 start, and this last loss came against the Dolphins! The Dolphins! Fail to the Redskins! Why did I let myself hope? Now the perrenial losers are showing their true colors. Redskins, do you know that I avoid channels 206, 207, 209 and 212 because of you? It hurts me that much to watch the highlights of your games. They are a horror show of sloppiness, ineptitude, missed opportunities, and poor tackling. Every year! Ughhh... You know...even if the Skins win out, which is EXTREMELY unlikely, they would only finish the season with a record of 10-6. That probably wouldn't even be good enough to make the playoffs. So now every game is meaningless. Players are just hoping to get through the season uninjured, but what about my injuries? I'm listed as doubtful for this weekend's game against Dallas with a broken heart and crippling disillusionment. Sometimes, in the depths of my misery, I ask myself, "Am I the problem?" "Is it me?" Like a liitle kid who thinks he's to blame for his parents' divorce I blame myself for the Redskins' repeated failures as if my support is jinxing them or something. It's perverse, I know, but I actually have these thoughts! If it didn't go against every fiber of my being I would root for the Cowboys this weekend to test my theory. Redksins, I want you to know that if I was the problem, I would pull a kamikaze and commit to becoming a Cowboys fan for the rest of my miserable days. Such is my love for you that I would even order a vanity plate for my minivan which would read CWBYFAN. If it would increase your chances of winning I would have the Cowboys logo tattooed on both of my impressive biceps. Even though it would make me physically ill I would do it. Yes, I would do all that and more, but I suspect that I'm not the problem. I'm the victim here! "Someday" is becoming the mantra of the Redskins faithful. I want TODAY. We want TODAY! Give us TODAY!


al'xae said...

That is awesome.

barefootkangaroo said...

I also thought it was awesome of him to respond. I still want today though. The Redskins are bumming me out this season.

Rocket Surgeon, Phd said...

Circle the wagons, Tate.

It's Dallas week.