Wednesday, November 30, 2011


Some time ago my brother John and his wife, Lisa, gave me the above packets of turkish coffee, which they had acquired on a trip to the Holy Land. Lisa advised me at that time that Turkish coffee was "nasty." She said it was somewhat less than delicious and that it leaves muddy-looking dregs in the bottom. Well, as you know, I am no stranger to experimenting with foreign coffees so I accepted the gift without reservation and have been looking forward to drinking it ever since. I had to wait for the proper season though. In my opinion, summer is no time for drinking coffee. Too hot. This is the correct season for coffee drinking. It's a fire in the fireplace, sweater-wearing, hot mug of joe kind of season. So I dug out the ol' turkish coffee packets, fired up the tea kettle, and embarked on an exotic coffee experience, which you are no doubt envying as you think of the plain old American coffee you drank this morning. Don't be jealous.
Smells like normal coffee.
Looks like normal coffee.

Wooo! That's bitter! So I added my secret coffee ingredients- two spoonfulls of white refined sugar and a splash of 2% milk. You can use that too if you want. I don't want everybody in the world to know my coffee tricks, but I'll allow you fellow citizens of the BFZ in as my confidants.
Yep, that's the ticket! You could throw two spoons of white refined sugar into a hot steaming mug of gorilla sweat and I bet it would taste delicious. It's a fine product, that white refined sugar!

Turns out I like Turkish coffee. It was actually really good. Thanks Turks!
Lisa was right about the dregs that were left behind, but that didn't bother me much. 


Rocket Surgeon, Phd said...

Tony and Irene used to make this daily and I really developed a taste for it although they used creamer which helped dilute the bitterness.

They drank the sludge, which I did not.

And I would've gone with "but I'll allow you fellow citizens of the BFZ in as my COFFEEDANTS."



Anonymous said...

To prepare Turkish coffee you are supposed to: 1) boil water in a pot, 2)remove from stove and add coffee to the pot (not in the cup like shown on the photo above); 3) return pot to the stove and bring to boil again; 4) serve. @Rocket Surgeon - Sludge on the bottom is not supposed to be drank. It is actually known to cause diarrhea, especially if the coffee was sweetened.

Josh Tate said...

Thanks for setting me straight, anonymous. I appreciate it!