Wednesday, December 21, 2011


I am corresponding this morning from the quiet lobby of the Andreas Hotel & Spa in Palm Springs, CA. Nanny, the amazing Nanny, is back up in Idyllwild with the kids, which has allowed Sarah and I to get away to do some last minute Christmas stuff and enjoy a night away. You might recall that we did this last year as well for the first time. BEST CHRISTMAS TRADITION EVER!!!

Sarah is still sleeping. Really, by all rights, I should be too, but I have made it a habit of rousing from my bed at 4:30am to do my schooling, and sure enough, despite falling asleep much later than normal last night, my eyes sprang open at 4:23 this morning and my mind instantly began whirring and booting up. There would be no going back to sweet oblivion. So now it's just me and Mike, the hotel employee, here in the lobby. This schedule really harshes my mellow sometimes. You feelin' me?

A placard on the fornt desk has supplied me with the following information about this Mike character:

Name: Michael

Hometown: Azusa, CA

Thing Mike like's best about Palm Springs: The Sunshine

Favorite Restaurant: Any place with tacos & fries

Most over-rated thing in the desert: The Wind

Do not leave Palm Springs without: Going to the Spa and Casino

It's a nice poolside room (Rm. 105) with a King size bed, fireplace, and oversized jacuzzi tub. The Andreas is right on the Palm Springs strip so after settling in last night we went for a walk and got some starbucks. As we strolled along we listened to the musical stylings of a really great Journey cover band at one of the bars. They were rocking!!! I  like Journey. You feelin' me? (I should finish every paragraph in this post with, "you feelin me?" It really is a perfectly concise sort of phrase. I welcome its addition to the list of Americanisms.)

Now Mike is setting out the stuff for the continental breakfast. I'll eat a pastry for you, and then I'll pour out a little orange juice on the floor because you're not here. He's going around putting salt and pepper shakers on all of the tables, but so far I don't see any foods that would call for either. Does anybody put salt and pepper on their granola or doughnut? It has given me hope that perhaps Mike is whipping up something more substantial in the back. I love me some scrambled eggs! You feelin me?

When I left my room I grabbed my Bible and slipped into my swimming trunks. It's pretty cold here in PS this morning, but the pool is heated. As I was walking past on my way to the lobby I noted that steam was rising off its surface in an inviting sort of way. I believe I will do my devotions in the pool or neighboring hot tub this morning. That sounds worshipful to me. You feelin' me?

We will leave Palm Springs by 10:30 this morning. Our agenda for the morning includes a stop for stocking stuffer kinda stuff. We'll probably eat breakfast somewhere (unless Mike produces some scrambled eggs- you feelin' me?) and then head up the mountain. Peace out players! I'm gonna go get my Bible on! You feelin' me?

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