Wednesday, December 7, 2011


The infamous Pam, who everyone said was a gold digger, and a home-wrecker besides, had aimed her considerable charm at a stationary target- a married man whose wealth was already established. Jill, her sister, had focused her affections on a moving target.  As with all moving targets it was necessary for her to lead her quarry by a few years. She aimed not where he was when she first met him but where he would be someday. She rejected a score of suitors in college before settling on a man who was on track to become a doctor. Her investment would eventually pay off. Both Pam and Jill convinced themselves that they were in love with their husbands, but those who knew them well always wondered about the “richer or for poorer” part. Cindy, the youngest sister, was in love with the idea of her boyfriend, a pimply faced teenager whose twin passions were “getting high” and “getting some.” He was a blank slate upon which she projected all of her hopes and dreams. The yawning chasm between who he was in reality and the man she had created in her daydreams was vast and irreconcilable. She aimed at a mirage, but like her sisters she was convinced that she loved him- at least the him she saw.

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