Wednesday, December 7, 2011

In the end his Benevolent Majesty, King Joshua of the Bummer-Free Zone, decided to ignore the occupy protesters who had set up an encampment above the blog links on the BFZ's sidebar. The site has since been abandoned, and the BFZ's sanitation department has hauled away such refuse as was left behind. In its place the King has ordered that a pickle factory be constructed. "Indeed, yea, verily, I do enjoy a good pickle! HaHa! What fun!" commented the King today in a press conference following his mid-morning nap.

During the press conference, CNN's Chuck Berlinsky asked the king, "Yes, but what about the protesters' demands?" which prompted the King to glare at Berlinsky for a full thirty seconds without saying anything, Then he expounded for five minutes on the virtues of the Gerkin. When Berlinsky interrupted the king to ask his question a second time the king responded testily with "I believe I will likewise ignore this Berlinsky fellow. Perhaps he will go away also."

Then Berlinsky, appearing to wipe a tear away, asked "Why don't you like me? I mean honestly, why are you so mean?" To which the king responded by exploding "I don't like your face! It's your stupid face, I don't like it!" The press room sat in shocked silence following the awkward exchange until King Joshua stormed out of the room.

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