Saturday, December 31, 2011


As you long time readers of the BFZ know I am pursuing some formal Bible training and equipping through an MDIV degree with an eye toward using what days God has given me under the sun to be used in His service and for His glory, possibly in pastoral ministry. The pursuit of this goal has meant rearranging my life and sleep habits, but thanks to the generosity of my brothers and sisters in Christ it has not meant rearranging my finances.  (Which is good because no amount of rearranging could free up enough cash to make it happen!) This was my primary concern when I first considered going back to school. I was resolved to avoid any more education debt, but my current salary would not support the cost of tuition, books, and course materials in addition to supporting my family. I shared this concern with a good friend at that time and he pointed out that God would not call me to something and then fail to give me what I needed to see it through. So I prayed earnestly to confirm my calling. Feeling confident that God had indeed placed a calling on my life I stepped out in faith, and trusted God to be faithful. Since beginning this journey many of you have surprised me with generous gifts to assist me in the pursuit of my studies. That has been a tremendous encouragement to me. You were the means which God used to provide for this important training. Each time I have received these timely gifts I have thanked God for you with wonder in my heart for prompting you to think of blessing me in that way.

If you would like to contribute toward the pursuit of my MDIV degree please see the sidebar for more information.

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